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December 31, 2009


The Senate Committee on Ways & Means (WAM) informational briefing, on Monday, January 4, 2010, at 3:00 p.m., will be broadcast live on Channel 49 on Oahu and live to the Neighbor Islands via HITS.


The purpose of this informational briefing is to:

     Assess the State Office of Election's level of readiness to hold a special election that may be necessary to fill the vacant seat for the U.S. House of Representatives - First District of Hawaii, if U.S. Congressperson Neil Abercrombie resigns;

     Assess the options that may be available to conduct the special elections, including but not limited to mail in ballots only, walk in voting at select State buildings, and traditional polling place operations;

      Assess the fiscal and operational implications for the Office of Elections, including the implications for the Office's readiness to conduct the regular elections in 2010;

      Assess the fiscal implications for the State from holding the special election and identify possible sources of funding; and,

      Hear from the Attorney General on any legal issues related to the special election.

Contact: Rana Kuwaye (808. 536.2100)

December 31, 2009


The Senate Committee on Ways & Means (WAM) and the House Committee on Finance (FIN) Informational Briefing which was originally broadcast live on Wednesday, December 29, 2009 at 10:30 a.m. will be rebroadcast on dates and times listed below. 


The purpose of this informational briefing is for the Department of Budget and Finance to provide information to the Senate Committee on Ways and Means and House Committee on Finance on the following items:

   State Investments in Auction Rate Securities

   General Obligation Bond Sales and Debt Refinancing

   Collective Bargaining Agreements and Anticipated Savings

   Reduction in Force (RIF) Process and Anticipated Savings

   Status of Exempt Positions Subject to RIF and Furlough

   Departmental Budget Restriction Amounts

   Monthly Vacancy Reports

Rebroadcasts (Total Running Time: 2:24:20)

   1/6/10  Wed    12:00 am Channel 54 (VIEWS) [HITS feed]
   1/6/10  Wed      1:30 pm Channel 53 (NATV)
   1/7/10   Thu       6:00 pm Channel 49 (FOCUS)

Contact: Rana Kuwaye o 808. 536.2100